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I don’t know about you but I like infographics and diagrams and things that help explain different aspects of Dysautonomia specifically and Chronic Illness in general – particularly when you’ve got a bit of brain fog and are struggling to yourself!  Here are a few of the good ones, with source links so you can look them up yourself

First up, the ever popular Spoon Theory!  If you’re living with Chronic Illness or are close to a person who is, chances are you’ve heard of the Spoon Theory.  Written by Christine Miserandino and posted on the popular Chronic Illness blog – But You Don’t Look Sick, the post took on a life if its own when thousands of people read it and instantly connected with this simple way of explaining energy conservation with chronic illness – check it out!  It’s well worth the read if you’re not familiar with it

I love this scale, it’s the only love I’ve ever seen that describes functioning level with chronic illness with reasonable accuracy – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to rate my energy or physical capacity on a percentage scale of 1-100%!


Click on this link to check out the DINET informational Brochure –


This diagram has been shared and resider so many times I’m having difficulty finding the original source but if you happen to locate it please let me know!

POTS infographic




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