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I ordered a teapot from T2 on Tuesday and it arrived today, two days later.  It’s a very special teapot and not just because it is so very pretty.

This week I finally logged in to the AHPRA website and clicked the little boxes to opt not to renew my nursing registration.  It was time.  I knew it was time, I had accepted it.  Or at least I thought I had.  As I stared at the first page, the page where it says ‘renew registration’ or ‘opt not to renew’ I had a bit of a freakout.  I wrote about this time coming up in my submission to Open Drum, I knew it was coming and I had almost accepted that it would last year when I miscalculated my recency of practice hours and thought I didn’t have enough to qualify.  Despite all that mental preparation, when it came down to it those few little clicks were some of the hardest in my life to date.  So I contacted my amazing friend Belinda who had been through the same thing last year for the same reason – Facebook is great for meeting people when you’re chronically ill!

She said “Close your eyes. Click the button. And then go out and buy yourself something fabulous with the money you’ve just saved”.

I took a deep breath, lined up the button, closed my eyes and clicked.  When I opened my eyes the website was asking me if I was sure I wanted to opt not to renew my registration.  Argh, of course I wasn’t sure but I had to!  So I breathed, clicked and closed my eyes again.  When I opened them it was asking me a third time if I was really, really sure…

After all the clicking and the eye closing and breathing and occasional yelling at the screen I took up Belinda’s second piece of advice and went to buy something fabulous with the money I had saved.

On the Dysautonomia Facebook support group I am part of we had been discussing ‘sickaversaries’ or the anniversary of becoming ill and what we each did to mark that.  It is a significant time in each of our lives and we each mark them differently.  My usual tradition is to completely forget until a week or two before and then forget again until a week after which indicates how poor my memory is as my anniversary coincides with Easter!  So I have spent 11 years not really acknowledging it, apart from getting angry, upset and occasionally philosophical.  Is that healthy?

Some of us, completely independently of the others, had chosen to mark it by purchasing teapots and crockery, something nice just for them, beautiful things to brighten up their lives that they could pick up and look at.  I really like the idea of remembering not so positive events in a positive way through something tangible and special.   Before I became ill I had started collecting a series by Portmeirion called Eden Fruits.  It is a beautiful series that is characterised by bright, luscious illustrations of different types of fruits and berries that simply burst off the china.  Sadly it is no longer being made and different pieces are hard to come by or I would chose to add to my collection each year to mark my anniversary.  I have a mixed set of 6 coffee mugs, a platter, fruit salad bowls and a jug – they are fantastic for afternoon entertaining but can never be a complete set.

With Portmeirion Eden Fruits off the table, where else does one find gorgeous teapots online?  Why at a fabulous tea emporium like T2 of course!  And I was just in time.  They have a new Marie Antoinette inspired range of tea for one teapots that are incredibly gorgeous.

I found one I loved, closed my eyes and clicked the button

It arrived by courier this morning so if anyone needs me I will be drinking a glorious smelling ‘Ruby Red Rosehip’ tisane from my delightfully delicate new teapot.


And how good does this tea look, it’s like the tea version of turkish delight – yum!

Ruby Red Rosehip

Special hugs to Bel whose beautiful bunny companion Peter crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday <3


  1. Dawn

    Sounds like a very difficult day and a difficult decision. At the end of the day you need to put your health first and foremost. Your teapot is lovely and hopefully it warmed you up from the inside out. xoxo

    1. ClaireCherryPie (Post author)

      So true Dawn, health is one of the most important things and needs to be respected.
      And Thank you it sure did! The Rose tea was delicious and I have used the teapot several times now


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