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Taking Stock

Last Monday I started a blog course, Blog with Pip, run by Pip Lincolne from Meet me at Mike’s.  It was recommended to me by my dear friend Rachel who writes a fantastic blog about life with Dysautonomia called The Chronic Ills of Rach.  I am thoroughly enjoying the course because not only do we get to learn about the ins and outs of blogging, we also get to discover a whole host of new, awesome blogs that the other course participants are writing!  Our assignment this week is to write a post about ‘taking stock’.  The idea is to take time out to reflect on where you are and what you’re doing at the point of writing by making a list.  At the end of my list I will post the list so you guys can fill out your own if you want to – it’s a bit of fun and a nice, reflective exercise.

Making : Peony dress by Colette Patterns

Cooking : Gluten free hot cross buns using a fantastic recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring

Drinking : Hydralyte – orange flavour

Reading: Edward the Emu.  Written by Sheena Knowles and Illustrated by Rod Clement the book is a gripping emotional rollercoaster of self-discovery set in an Australian zoo. It is one of my favourite childhood storybooks and fortunately one my nephew also loves

Wanting: To get over this sinus infection

Looking: At pretty shoes, always looking at pretty shoes! Particularly sparkly ones like these!

Playing: Spider Solitaire – I may have a bit of an addiction…

Deciding: Between plain red or red with black polka dots for the Peony dress – it’s a tough decision!

Wishing: For a holiday somewhere fabulous or tropical – or fabulously tropical!

Enjoying: The cooler weather

Waiting: For the weekend so I can catch up with some lovely people

Liking: Conducting interviews with people, it is most enjoyable because I’m just a bit nosey and I like to share cool stuff I find out about interesting people.

Wondering: Where I will find the space for all the dresses I plan to make…

Loving: Glitter everything, particularly red glitter – Dorothy shoes are the best, just ask my next interview subject Michelle from Living with Bob!

Even bunny likes red glitter shoes

Even bunny likes red glitter shoes

Pondering: What drives people to make the choices they do

Considering: Whom to add to my list of future interviewees…

Watching: Freaks and Geeks on Netflix – how did I miss this the first time around?

Hoping: My immunologist calls soon with good news about possible treatment – fingers crossed!

Marveling: At how the colour and quality of sunshine on a clear day changes as the seasons change

Needing: To finish setting up my workroom and make pretty dresses!

Smelling: Hot Cross Buns! Yum

Wearing: You caught me, I’m in my pajamas today with my year 12 school leaver’s jumper – it’s a little ratty and old now (well it has been 10 years!) but very comfy

Following: Some cool new blogs I have discovered through my blogging class!

Noticing: Hibiscus blooms in the garden.  At the moment we have a peach coloured single bloom and a deep pink double bloom hibiscus.

Knowing: I am lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life

Thinking: My old Zoology lab partner and I have a psychic connection because we were thinking about contacting each other at the same time yesterday – and not for the first time.

Feeling: Like a nap, curled up on the couch with a dog or two for company, might be quite nice

Admiring: Courage, strength, endurance, integrity and altruismStrength

Sorting: Through a never ending collection of papers and junk to get my workroom finished

Buying: A gorgeous 1940s vintage felt hat on lay-by from poppycock vintage – swoon!

Getting: Fed up with doctors and annoying blood test results

Bookmarking: Gluten free recipes and sewing blogs!

Disliking: That my sinus infection has come back a week after finishing 4 weeks of antibiotics and prednisolone

Opening: A parcel with new shoes that arrived this morning from Modcloth <3

Giggling: At my dog who has decided to sit right in the middle of a newspaper being read on the floor – animals are funny

Feeling: A bit naughty because I’m…

Snacking: Early on Easter chocolate – yum!

Coveting: Vintage hats and pretty shoes as per usual – and some of the new Magic of Mary Blair collection from Pinup Girl Clothing

Wishing: Miss Ivy Fox luck with the Viva Las Vegas Pinup competition this weekend!!

Helping: Organise a classical music fundraising concert for The Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute for the Greg Page fund for Orthostatic Intolerance to fund research into Dysautonomia with ABC young performer of the year 2013, Hoang Pham

Hearing: Currawongs calling to each other – I love that they’ve come into the inner suburbs in the last couple of years

Double pink Hibiscus

Here’s the list so you can have a go if you’d like   🙂

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Hope you enjoy this exercise as much as I have


  1. Nicole

    Hi! Found your blog through Blog Chicks on Facebook. I loved reading your ‘Taking Stock” post! And those glitter shoes….awesome!!!!
    I look forward to reading more from you!

    Nic x

    1. ClaireCherryPie

      Thank you Nic!
      The glitter shoes are a favourite of mine too – they’re actually slippers from Peter Alexander and very comfy 😀
      Claire xx


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