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Taking stock

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted because my head has been too full of things stuck circling around and around – which isn’t really helpful when you’re trying to write.   Hopefully this lovely exercise will help me focus, break through the blockage and clear away the detritus that has been interfering with my thought processes!

I turned 31 a couple of weeks ago and at the same time there were some big changes in my life, big and not so lovely changes.  It wasn’t the greatest birthday week ever – actually if I am being completely honest it was really crap and to top it off perfectly, I also came down with atypical pneumonia…

Change, whether good or bad, is an excellent time for reflection and checking in with yourself; so here I am, taking stock of my life right now as I sit on my comfy couch with my trusty canine companions snoozing by my side and keeping me warm like little hot water bottles, a cup of tea to warm me up from the inside and the central heating taking the winter chill out of the air.

Making :  Felt Cloche hats for Zonda who was walking the Camino in Spain recently.  One is black and the other green, the green is intended to be worn when she drives her green and white Austin Healey.  She is going to be a fabulous sight to see!

Cooking :  Sausages – I had some lovely friends over on the weekend for a BBQ but the BBQ didn’t work so we baked them!  But there were plenty left over so now I am eating sausages of the crappy supermarket variety that are oh so wonderful and remind me of sausage sizzles.  A crappy supermarket sausage that is well cooked and nestled snugly in a piece of bread then covered in tomato sauce is always surprisingly wonderful – unless that bread happens to be gluten free, then it’s not quite as good, but still pretty fantastic.

Drinking : English breakfast tea, like I do every morning – it’s almost like a ritual.

Reading: The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost.  Left for me by a friend when she returned to Sweden after her holiday in Australia.  The front page of the book is filled with her hand written translations of Australian slang found in the book, that gave me quite a giggle!


Wanting:  More energy and stamina to get things done

Looking:  At the beautiful sunshine and blue skies we have had for the last few days, a welcome break from the grey, freezing cold, rainy weather we had for weeks before

Playing:  Once Upon a Time – a storytelling card game by Atlas Games.

Deciding:  Whether I want to go back to study, what I would study and if I can cope with study.  The options I am looking at are a Graduate Diploma of Psychology or a Masters in Public Health.

Wishing:  That I the hand surgeon will say I don’t require surgery on my thumb, that it will be instantly better and I won’t have any more trouble making hats and doing other less important things like cooking and opening jars.  Seriously, do not underestimate the danger of the tail comb…

Enjoying:  The company and suport of some amazing people who have helped me through the past couple of weeks.  I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life – and such fabulous hair thanks to a trip to my lovely hairdresser

Waiting:  For next week to come around so I can go to Radelaide (Adelaide) with some awesome ladies to meet another awesome lady!

Liking:  Having turquoise hair, I really love it and wish it was my natural hair colour.  If there was such a thing as a spirit hair colour then turquoise would be mine.

Wondering:  If I can manage to pack only cabin baggage for this trip to Radelaide, I’m a notorious over-packer and don’t think I have ever been limited to just cabin baggage before…

Loving: My new vintage Lady Sunbeam hairdryer – someone particularly lovely found it and gave it to me for my birthday after reading here that I was considering getting one!  Thank you Lucy <3

Lady Sunbeam hairdryer

Pondering:  The shoe dilemma – is there such thing as too many shoes?  Or enough shoes?  Why can’t I have all the shoes I want?  And if I did, where would I put them…

Considering:  Brushing the bunny today, the amount of hair she sheds is ridiculous

Watching: the occasional tuft of bunny hair floating past on the breeze created by the central heating.  Thank goodness tomorrow is vacuum day!

Coveting:  Beautiful jewellery on sale at Trewarne in South Melbourne, my favourite jewellers, because they are moving location

Hoping:  That telstra get around to actually fixing our dodgy internet service for once

Marvelling:  At the beauty and complexity of my new camera.  My very first DSLR camera and I have no idea how to use it properly.  But it is so very pretty and sleek!  And red!  It’s how I imagine a sports car would be if it were a camera

Needing:  To find a good online course in digital SLR camera use!

Smelling:  Frost in the morning air

Wearing:  My new Audrey II brooch, a birthday present from someone who knows just how much I love Little Shop of Horrors – thanks Mel!

Audrey II

Following:  Project Semicolon

Noticing:  How very misogynistic many tv show are – particularly ones made in the 90’s.  I didn’t watch 3rd Rock from the Sun when it was on originally so decided to watch it recently for some light entertainment on Netflix and was really unimpressed.

Thinking:  Way too much

Feeling:  Strong and sure of myself

Buying:  A new pair of shoes to go with my outfit for a photo shoot in a couple of weeks.  It’s surprisingly hard to find white shoes!  Nude or black is super easy, but if you want white there is often not much to choose from.

Getting:  To the pool for hydrotherapy after having time off for being sick!  It’s harder than it looks

Admiring:  The fluffiness and softness of bunny’s fur – if I were a furry animal I think I’d like fur like that; even if it makes her look like she’s wearing bloomers.  Apparently she looks just like her mum in this photo, only a different colour – that’s according to her human grandmother <3

Fluffy bunny

Sorting:  Through all the junk in my life and discovering what I no longer have room for in my house, my head and my heart.

Bookmarking:  Bunny boarding places and dog walking services – getting pneumonia and being threatened with hospital admission while your main support is in another country makes caring for animals somewhat complicated!

Disliking:  Still having pain in my thumb 6 months after I injured it, thumbs are really useful – sore thumbs, not so much

Opening:  New games!

Giggling:  At tales of my nephew’s antics

Snacking:  On salty, salty corn chips – mmm 🙂

Helping:  A beautiful Burlesque babe in her journey to compete in Miss Burlesque Australia, ACT heats – and she came runner up, congratulations Lissy LaVette!

Hearing:  The wind rushing in the trees and making the wind chimes on the back porch ring

Knowing:  That I will always be ok, that everything will be ok.  I realised that on the Camino and I will carry the knowledge with me always.


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  1. Isabel

    Hey Claire! I enjoyed reading your Taking Stock. Hope your health continues to improve. Your bunny is super cute too! I bought my first DSLR camera early this year and I’ve found this course really helpful:
    It’s recommended by Pip and they have an online course that’s pretty cheap and accessible fr beginners (like me).
    Also, this website is amazing and will teach you a LOT, all for free:
    Stay warm in the Melbourne winter x


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