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When life gives you lemons…

We have a prolific lemon tree in the garden and at the moment it's branches are weighed down with an abundance of the golden yellow, deliciously fragrant orbs. It's not a large tree, as far as fruit trees go, but each year we are blessed with more lemons than we can use and give them away in bags to family, friends and neighbours. I think lemon trees love the sandy soil we have in this part of Melbourne as they seem to do quite well - but it also lives next to the compost bin which may help explain it's success.

Shayna and her garden of plenty

I first met Shayna as her pinup persona, Miss Flirtatious Belle, when we were competing in the Miss Old Skool pinup competition at the 2013 Halls gap Rod Run. She took home the title! It wasn't her first title and she has gone on to win a couple every year, including her most recent one; Miss Cheesecake Bombshell in the Miss Bombshell Pinup Pageant earlier this month - congratulations again Miss Flirtatious Belle!

New Arrivals and Creature comforts

It's been a little quiet around here post-wise because I have been busy making this new site! It wouldn't be unreasonable to say that my computer skills are pretty good, but that's only when you're talking about everyday stuff like word processing, setting up internet connections, creating PowerPoint presentations and terribly exciting things like that. When it comes to the more advanced things like setting up a website from scratch I have pretty well no experience so it's been an interesting few weeks!