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Pinup Makeup 101 – Perfect pinup eyebrows

I don’t know about you but I can get a little bit overwhelmed in makeup stores!  I’ve always been the type to find something I like and stick to it for as long as possible and I have to confess that a few of my most-used products originally came to me as gifts!  It can all be little bit scary when there are so many types of products for a single function.  And when it comes to pinup, achieving a polished, perfect look is key so it’s important to be using the right products with the right techniques.  But what are the right products and techniques?

You may have noticed from my 5 ways to achieve fabulous Pinup Hair post that I have some favourite youtube channels when it comes to hair and makeup tips so over the course of a few posts I’m going to let the pros show you how it’s done as I bring my favourite tutorials to you in one handy location so we can compare techniques and take away what works best for us.

All the channels and pages I have sourced these fabulous tutorials from have many more where they came from so please go check them out.  Everyone has different tips and techniques for makeup, these are the ones I like and are only for specific parts of a look, not a whole look and you might find something else in their playlists that works best for you!  Makeup is very individual as we all have different faces, skin types and preferences so go play, have fun and find out what works best for you on your journey to Perfect Pinup Makeup!

Lets break the completed look down into all the components we need over a few posts, otherwise it will be one mammoth post that takes forever to read and watch!  Makeup can be broken down into 3 sections – base/face, eyes and lips.  Ok it sounds simple but there are lots of tricky bits in those sections, particularly where the eyes are concerned and you have to deal with eyebrows, eyelids, eyeliner and lashes – whew that sounds like a lot! We’re not going to go into detail about foundation and base just yet, there is more on this in complete looks that will come later and when we’ve gone through all the separate sections I’ll show you how I do mine!

Pinups, aspiring Pinups and anyone else who is interested in finding new tips and techniques, welcome to Pinup Makeup 101!

Let’s start with…


The eyes are supposed to be the windows to the soul and to do that they need to be properly accentuated – that starts with pinup perfect brows.

As Pinups we are here to empower women, to encourage them and support them and not to shame them, so I’m not going to show you pictures of what not to do with your eyebrows, there are plenty around if you want to find them to compare.

To begin with, you’ll need a good shape.  That is best achieved by a brow expert and not often well achieved at home!  Hey, if like Cherry Dollface your eyebrow shaping technique is spot on then excellent!  But if not, it’s a good idea to see a brow shaping expert. I had a couple of bad brow shaping experiences that put me off seeing anyone for mine, until I saw Eileen Harper, the brow queen who comes highly recommended by Candice DeVille and she pretty well transformed my face just by getting my brows right!

Once you’ve got the perfect foundation by way of excellent shaping, you’re ready to start.  But remember one important thing:  When it comes to brows, less is less, more is more and the middle is generally right!  Drag Queen eyebrows look absolutely fabulous on Drag Queens but are too heavy for Pinup and Vintage style makeup.

This tutorial by Vintage style icon Candice DeVille over at Vintage Current is an excellent demonstration for how to achieve perfect brows every time using a brow brush and gel liner by NYX.


Next up is Cherry Dollface showing us how to draw eyebrows with a wax by Bomber Betty and talking about brow colours for different hair colours.  this is an earlier tutorial and she has since posted a newer brow tutorial using powder in a similar technique to the next tutorial by Lisa Freemont St.  Cherry Dollface did my hair and makeup for the image I have used above as the header image for my blog – so you can see why I love her!


And finally we have Lisa Freemont St with her 2 minute brow tutorial using a combination of powder and brow pencil by Anastasia Beverley Hills.


I love Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Dip Pomade, it is so simple to use, the brow brush is a work of art and the colour variety is fantastic – before I was given this as a birthday present I was using powder and pencil (eyeliner and eyeshadow I must confess) and now I will never look back.  I have quite sensitive skin and have never reacted to it – yay!  In Australia you can purchase the Anastasia Beverley Hills brow range from Sephora   I think I might give the brow powder a go now too after re-watching these!

What do you usually use for your brows and do you have any handy tips you’d like to share?


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