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New Arrivals and Creature comforts

It’s been a little quiet around here post-wise because I have been busy making this new site!  It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that my computer skills are pretty good, but that’s only when you’re talking about everyday stuff like word processing, setting up internet connections, creating PowerPoint presentations and terribly exciting things like that.  When it comes to the more advanced things like setting up a website from scratch I have pretty well no experience so it’s been an interesting few weeks!  There is a huge difference between setting up a blog on where most things you need are already there and you don’t really think about other options and setting one up for the first time on where you have to find all the things yourself that were so readily available before.  But here we are and I’m loving the new layout!  What do you think?

During my down-time I experimented with some Gluten Free baking using recipes from a fantastic blog called Gluten Free on a Shoestring – I’ll post up a review of the pretzel recipe very soon (hint, they were delicious!).  In addition to that, if you’ve been following my instagram feed you may have seen some cute little mystery felt animals and things popping up that I’ve been working on for a hand made baby shower present for my lovely friends Lauren and Luke who are expecting their very first baby!  It’s rather exciting 😀
The shower is tomorrow so I can finally post about what the shapes are all for and how I made them so you can make them yourself!  Stay tuned…

making felt shapes

In addition to building a new blog site, baking, making felt animals and not being particularly well (gosh it actually sounds like I’ve been really busy!) I wrote a piece for ABC Open.  If you are unfamiliar with ABC Open here’s the blurb from their website ‘ABC Open publishes and broadcasts stories made by regional Australians.  All across Australia, people are creating great videos, photos and written stories to share on the ABC.  ABC Open brings these stories together for you to explore.’  They run a different project every month, in April they are looking for stories from people living with disability.  Here’s the piece I submitted if you’d like to take a look.  There are some pretty fantastic pieces on there, including one from Michelle Roger (who is my next interview subject!) called Laughter is the best medicine.

At the same time all this was going down I was also hit with the mother of all sinus infections.  Having an immune deficiency I am no stranger to sinus infections, they have been my friends and companions for some 26 years now and I get between 3-6 per year – but it doesn’t mean I have to like them.  When I’m feeling more under the weather than usual, or actually when I’m feeling fine, my pets are quite a source of entertainment and comfort for me – and I don’t mean entertainment in a ‘force them to be entertaining’ way, they do very well on their own!  Now is as good a time as any to officially introduce you to them!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if there is a towel, bag or anything on the floor that may provide a source of cushioning must be wanting an animal to sit on it – and sit they do, no matter how ridiculous they look.  Our living room is tiled with cork tiles, cork tiles aren’t very cold or hard but they aren’t as comfy or warm as carpet.  In the living room there is an armchair, under that armchair there is a towel strategically placed so as to hide the phone cable from the rabbit.  The dogs, of course, have decided that this is the perfect place to sit.  But sadly only one of them fits under there while the other is left to find somewhere else comfy and safe from bunny-harassment – usually somewhere up the hallway or under a bed.

sensitive dogThis is Perry, also known as Sensitive Dog because he is, well, so very sensitive 😉

In a bid to bring happiness to both dogs and provide them with a nice, comfy place to sit where they can feel like part of the family I decided to place a towel in the middle of the floor for them to sit on with a view to buying a rug for the spot if it was popular!  They loved the idea!  Unfortunately for them Lily the Bunny also decided the towel might be a comfortable place to sit.
Bunnies may look sweet and innocent and they may be prey animals but nobody has told Lily that.  She has no real fear, fluff for brains and is without doubt the boss of the animals in the house.  to the digs she is the scary, unpredictable relative you try to avoid – the one who is just as likely to respond aggressively to your presence as they are to sniff your ear and go about their business.  Sensitive Dog and his friend Anxious Dog like the relationships in their world to be predictable.  Anxious dog had a traumatic start to life and had was faced with an uncertain future until we adopted him 12 years ago.  I apologise if I have ruined anyone’s fantasies of bunny loveliness but I’m sure anyone with a female bunny that has a strong personality will agree; that fantasy is a bubble that needed to be burst!

dogs bunny towel 3



Sadly Sensitive Dog had to have an Elizabethan Collar put on later that evening after the discovery that a sore on his foot was getting worse due to his careful attention.  He was not impressed.



Bunny claimed her rightful and unchallenged place as queen of the animals, leaving the dogs  to fend for themselves once again in a harsh, uncomfortable world devoid of towels.

tail space

Sensitive Dog was most upset and wanted me to do something about it

one dog bunny towel

So in the interests of household harmony and of course maintaining dog mental health, another towel was found so Bunny could have her own.

everyone has towels


Everyone was finally happy – apart from Sensitive Dog, he couldn’t be completely happy, his life was just far too depressing at that moment thanks to his special collar 😉



  1. Winza

    Great to hear that you have been keeping yourself busy with the new website Clarie. I like the layout too – it’s nice and simple. I enjoy reading about your stories and seeing all the pictures of your millinery work, and other arty stuff. I am trying to create myself a scrapbook of my travel memories in Japan but I am still struggling to plan for my cover page!.

    Keep up with the great work and see you soon,

    1. ClaireCherryPie (Post author)

      Thanks Winza, I’m so glad you like the new site and I can’t wait to see your scrapbook!

  2. Rach

    Ha! Two rugs it will be, then!
    I loved the captions. This post really made me giggle. She’s such a bully that fluffy bunny!
    I can’t wait to see that mobile, Claire, the sunshine is so friendly! What other shapes are you putting on it?
    Nice to have a window on your world 🙂

    1. ClaireCherryPie (Post author)

      She really is Rach!

      You will see the mobile soon enough, I’m writing a post about how you can make one yourself and will have all the pictures in it 😀

  3. Stephanie

    Loved, this. So cute to see the pets more or less getting along. Your captions are hilarious.

    1. ClaireCherryPie (Post author)

      Thanks Stephanie, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I had a bit of fun putting that one together!
      It’s pretty much what I imagine they would say if they could talk, they’re all quite expressive 😉


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