Claire and Cherry Pie


How to make a felt mobile – part 2

I had a mobile as a child and I still remember it well - I have it packed away somewhere for possible future use. It didn't consist of brightly coloured animals and plants, oh no, it featured flying clowns. Disturbing flying clowns in beautiful, brightly coloured clown suits with cute little felt hats on wooden heads that occasionally popped off their pipe cleaner necks while they were spinning around. Because that's not creepy at all...

Ten tips to creating pinup perfect skirts

I have been visiting the world of skirts a lot since I posted about making my Graceful in the Garden skirt and there’s a good reason for this; skirts are awesome! There are so many types of skirts to choose from that were popular in the 1940s and 50s if you are looking to add a bit of vintage flair to your wardrobe

A very special hat

Today I made a hat; it was a very special hat. It was a reversible bucket hat, but that wasn’t what made it special. One side was made from citron green linen that was soft, light and breathable and came from Cleggs, my favourite fabric wonderland, but that wasn’t what made it special. The other side was made from a cheerful, multi-colour scallop shell print ordered from that phenomenal online fabric store, Spoonflower, and that points towards why it was special, but it wasn’t what made it special.

Confessions of a creatoholic

Hi, my name is Claire and I am a createoholic. Yes it's totally a real word because I have decided it is! I suppose that while I'm getting it all out there I must also confess I have quite a collection of craft projects I've started over the years and never completed. Is that normal? Does it say something about my ability to dedicate myself to a task? About my level of commitment? My ability to concentrate? Am I over-thinking this at all...