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Write-ability salon for International Day for People with Disability

Today, December 3rd, is International Day for People with Disability and last night our Write-ability group had its second Salon evening for the year. The evening showcased writers with Disability and we had a wonderful lineup including Disability Activists Michelle Roger and Jax Jacki Brown.

Living Library

I love books - a good book can transport you to a different place or teach you something you want to know. I used to be a book addict, I devoured them in their hundreds and always wanted more. Books help exercise the imagination and stimulate a hunger for knowledge. I could never get enough, but I guess that's the thing with living with chronic illness and having an insatiable appetite for adventure - you have to live vicariously through the tales of others.

Taking Stock

Last Monday I started a blog course, Blog with Pip, run by Pip Lincolne from Meet me at Mike's. It was recommended to me by my dear friend Rachel who writes a fantastic blog about life with Dysautonomia called The Chronic Ills of Rach. I am thoroughly enjoying the course because not only do we get to learn about the ins and outs of blogging, we also get to discover a whole host of new, awesome blogs that the other course participants are writing! Our assignment this week is to write a post about 'taking stock'.