Claire and Cherry Pie


A Symphony of Science for Dysautonomia

Are you someone who likes to join in or do you prefer to sit back and take it easy? Do you like to get up and be involved, find new friends and new communities, new things to do, new inspiration and new ways to have fun? I do! And this year I am getting involved by co-organising a concert to raise funds for research into Dysautonomia that is being conducted at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute - hope you can come along!

Them feels

I've been in a bit of a rut lately; a writing rut, a brain rut and a life rut. Still, life did go on - I went on a lovely holiday with friends to Adelaide where we met a fabulous Facebook friend in person for the very first time (the power and reach of social media is amazing and can be a great resource when you can't leave the house that much). I had a wonderful time despite my frustrating body not really wanting to participate - I think pneumonia affected it more than I originally thought, so it was a bit of a surprise. But holidays end and things go back to normal.

Wake up and smell the rainbow

Tina Turner asks us 'What's love got to do with it?' and the answer is, well, everything. The Beatles told us that all we needed was love, so clearly it is pretty important. A quick google search tells me that love is the most common song theme, out of all themes a person can possibly write a song about (and the possibilities are endless) love tops them all, there are literally millions of songs about love. But why is one love more acceptable, more equal than another?

A very special hat

Today I made a hat; it was a very special hat. It was a reversible bucket hat, but that wasn’t what made it special. One side was made from citron green linen that was soft, light and breathable and came from Cleggs, my favourite fabric wonderland, but that wasn’t what made it special. The other side was made from a cheerful, multi-colour scallop shell print ordered from that phenomenal online fabric store, Spoonflower, and that points towards why it was special, but it wasn’t what made it special.

Tea for one

I ordered a teapot from T2 on Tuesday and it arrived today, two days later. It's a very special teapot and not just because it is so very pretty.

This week I finally logged in to the AHPRA website and clicked the little boxes to opt not to renew my nursing registration. It was time. I knew it was time, I had accepted it. Or at least I thought I had. As I stared at the first page, the page where it says 'renew registration' or 'opt not to renew' I had a bit of a freakout.