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Camperdown Cruise 2015 – with a little help from my friends!

I have a confession to make…
I have serious FOMO (fear of missing out).  It can be all-consuming and anxiety-inducing.  My dog has it too, although I like to think I manage mine better than he does 😉
The fact that my calendar seems to be quiet for a while and then have 3 things on the same time that I want to go to, like last weekend, certainly doesn’t help!  Sometimes I think the calendar Gods are against me.  The added element of having to miss out and cancel on a lot of things due to chronic illness stuff like fatigue or not being able to get there and back under my own steam really doesn’t help.

Last weekend (24th-25th) was the Camperdown Cruise – a rockabilly festival located in Camperdown – a pretty, small town in Victoria.  Each year it increases in population by several hundred Rockabilly lovers set to shop, drool over classic cars, be entertained and dance the night away.  The town is filled with some lovely people, beautiful buildings, fantastic Op Shops and one of the best cafes I have ever been to.  Seriously, if you’re going through Camperdown you must stop at the Loaf and Lounge – they have a huge variety of food, cater to all sorts of food intolerances and the staff are lovely!  Brunch on Sunday is an integral part of the weekend festival.

Baked cheesecake

Baked cheesecake from the Loaf and Lounge! Please excuse the hair, it was very windy

The weekend also happened to coincide with Chomefest in NSW, where my gorgeous friend Miss Bettie B Goode was competing for the title of Pinup Doll Australia and the Mt Evelyn Street fair that another beautiful friend, Lady A Broad, was helping organise and run as well as hold a stall!  Why oh why are there so many things on that weekend every year?  Event date planning has seriously gone awry!

Over the years, FOMO and chronic illness has resulted in my developing moderate anxiety about events and activities that have lots of uncertain elements, so planning what to do and where to go means I have to take them all into consideration (and there are a lot of them).   This time it meant Camperdown would be the best option for me but of course I wished I could be everywhere at once – wouldn’t it be great to have Hermione’s time-turner from The Prisoner of Azkaban!  Think of the possibilities, no need for FOMO, you could get to everything AND have naps in between so you’re not too exhausted.  The ability to apparate would be fantastic too, go anywhere instantly – I could get to everything!  Damn you JK Rowling 😛

This year was my fourth Camperdown Cruise and I think it was also the best one for me so far.  I have gotten sick after the cruise for the last 3 years but not this time (thank you IVIG!)!  I have also had a market stall and/or been involved in the pinup competition the other years but not this year – this year I was there to have fun and enjoy my time with friends – and I absolutely did.  We had a total girl’s weekend and it was fabulous.  There were no expectations, no activities that I HAD to do, I could take it as slow as I wanted or needed to and everyone was completely understanding and accommodating of that.  I also got to wear some of my favourite outfits over the weekend and was blessed by the eyelash and hair gods.  My lashes went on easy first time every time – how good is that!  And I wet set my hair on Friday so I wouldn’t have to do it again and could just brush it out and style it simply – talk about no stress.

Saturday’s outfit was a bit fairy-tale inspired: Castle print skirt and belt from Pinup Girl Clothing, Shoes by BAIT footwear, Cardigan by City Chic, basic black t-shirt from Target, Anouk brooch and earrings by Erstwilder and hair flowers by me.


Looking fabulous with Lucky Dip and Miss Eva Las Vegas, Photo by Jo Bromberg – thanks Jo!

Saturday evening I wore one of my favourite dresses, the Lana Cocktail dress by Pinup Girl Clothing (I really hope they bring out more prints in this style!), accompanied by a black bolero by City Chic, vintage hat, vintage aurora borealis necklace and vintage starburst earrings.

vintage in a field

Sunday was 30 degrees -ugh!  And windy, so outfits had to be light and breathable but not too floaty to risk the skirt-over-head factor 😉
So I went with my Graceful in the Garden skirt, another black t-shirt from target, bolero from City Chic, Belt from Pinup Girl Clothing and brooch by Lady a Broad Designs.  Then of course there was the obligatory dagging around in the kitchen photos!  Well how could we not do an impromptu photo shoot in such a gorgeous house!


There were some pretty important faces missing this year because they had other things on and some I didn’t get a chance to see much of, but I had a fabulous time.  I’ve been discovering more and more since getting sick that I have very high expectations of myself and I take on too much.  I think going with no responsibilities, not having to rely on myself to get around, not feeling like I had to be everywhere and do everything and no stress helped make this year the best yet – but I do love to be involved!

The icing on the fabulous weekend cake was hearing that Miss Bettie B Goode won Miss Pinup Doll Australia, congratulations beautiful lady, I’m so proud of you <3


  1. Elke Seaborn

    LOVE your comment about the time-turner and apparitiion! How many times I’ve thought that myself! I know fomo well. I’ve been lucky lately that I’ve been able to do most things.
    But your right- everything seems to happen at once! Halloween weekend was filled with events and they weren’t all Halloween related. The 175 years of Adelaide I went to would have been a failure for them- hardly any people, because they chose that weekend. They could have at least put it on the Sun instead of the day of Halloween.
    Love your photos! You look fabulous! And I saw you tagged in some Halloween ones too- loved your costume! xx

  2. Bettie B Goode

    Hello Beautiful Sugar St Claire. Glad to see your lovely weekend and beautiful outfits. I was spewing I missed Camperdown Cruise as its a rockabilly wonderland, a real stepford that I wish was every Saturday night in a community that we lived. Thank you so much for the callouts and congratulations, I would love to be interviewed sometime. Xx all my love Bettie

  3. Robyna | the Mummy & the Minx

    That always happens to me too – I have NOTHING and then a heap of invites the same weekend. You look beyond GORGEOUS lady.


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