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Big Pharma is my friend

Wow you take a lot of meds!  Why don’t you stop taking your medication and see if it actually does anything?  Why do you need to take so many?  Do you know if they actually do anything? Have you tried natural alternatives?  If your drugs have those side-effects why don’t you stop taking them?  Big Pharma doesn’t create cures, they create consumers.  Big Pharma bribes doctors to prescribe all the drugs, basically doctors just prescribe what they’re told to by Big Pharma.  But Big Pharma…

If there’s one term that is guaranteed to make me stop listening, it’s ‘Big Pharma’.  I don’t care what you’re saying, what point you’re trying to make or if you’re trying to save or change my life – if you use the words Big and Pharma next to each other all I am going to hear after that is birds, or maybe elevator music or crickets…
And while we’re at it, lets also throw in Chemtrails, Anti-Vax, GMO and pretty well anything else that David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe has ever posted about.  But you know what, that’s just my opinion.  The opinion of a person who has had to rely on the pharmaceutical industry and modern medicine to be born in the first place, to stay alive since then and be as healthy as possible.

Daily meds

At university I studied Biology which covered fascinating things like microbiology, biochemistry and nutrition and then studied nursing (with subjects on pharmaceuticals and physiology in there), many of my family members are also health care professionals.  I grew up around health care, around people who care for people and I saw multiple health care practitioners from an early age.  I was born with an immune deficiency that was only diagnosed this year because, thanks to the pharmaceutical industry and modern medicine, it was managed reasonably well with multiple courses of antibiotics and steroids.  Not ideal in any way but it likely kept me alive until the tests I required were available.  There is a flaw somewhere in my genetic makeup that means that only 20% of the most prevalent type of white blood cells (neutrophils) actually do their job and get rid of invading bacteria, I now receive monthly infusions of a human blood product to help my body fight off infections.  And that’s only one of my major health issues – my body just wasn’t put together very well and I need help managing it.  I need Big Pharma.

Bubbles!infusion in style

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against trying alternative therapies and in the past have tried many – I think you’ll find that most people who have long-term health issues that severely impact on their lives will try things at one point or another.  The reality for me is that none of them have worked nearly as well as the medications that I take and things that my doctors tell me to do.

There is a natural alternative to one medication that I take but the problem is that because it’s a natural substance from a plant it relies on a lot of things to be effective and reliable: plant genetics, plant health, weather, soil quality and other things that may accidentally get mixed in during processing etc.  It is impossible to say how much active ingredient there is in the resulting product, how strong it is and how long it will work for.  Whereas the synthetic, manufactured medication has a reliable amount of active ingredient, lasts a specific amount of time and will have the same effect on my body each time.  When it comes to being able to stand up and fainting less, I would much rather take one small, white tablet with my breakfast each day (as prescribed by my cardiologist) and be able to rely on the effects being consistent etc than 2 large capsules of plant powder 3 times per day with variable effects.  But that’s just me…

As much as we’re all desperately searching for that magic bullet that will cure everything and make us healthy it’s not coconut oil or spirulina or goji berries or coffee enemas or slippery elm or liver detoxes or chia or diluting duck heart muscle in a billion parts of water or dancing naked under the full moon smeared in coconut oil and the blood of your last menses waving crystals around whilst tibetan throat singing.  It’s just not.  Sure it’s a personal choice, it just doesn’t mean it’ll work and the science doesn’t back it up.

It makes me wonder how many of the people protesting about Big Pharma have actually had to rely on the pharmaceutical industry to stay healthy, treat a long-term condition or even stay alive…  I don’t think it’s that many.  And if you are blindly agreeing with the Big Pharma bandwagon and have never had to rely on the pharmaceutical industry for those things then get off your high horse and get a dose of reality – you have no right to pass judgement on people who do; it’s rude, it’s insulting and it’s incredibly naive.  Sit down and talk to someone who is chronically or critically ill and ask them how they feel about it.  Go hire a medium and ask Jess Ainscough if she regrets choosing Gerson therapy over having her arm and part of her shoulder amputated – what a pointless waste of a life.

I find it pretty funny when Australian’s start talking about Big Pharma because a huge amount of our medications are subsidised by the government.  We have healthcare industry that is light years ahead of that in the US and pharmaceutical companies are very tightly regulated when it comes to promotion of their products to health care providers.  In the US they object to universal healthcare (the affordable care act) for reasons that make my head spin, from what I understand it comes down to money; according to various Union officials the ACA  undermines fair marketplace competition in the health care industry.  If the ACA was properly set up across all states it could have meant tighter regulations for the pharmaceutical industry, subsidised medications and cheaper healthcare for the uninsured – surely providing health care to those who cannot afford it should trump this ‘fair competition’. Fortunately Big Pharma is just not an issue in Australia thanks to our medicare program, the PBS and regulations on the pharmaceutical industry.  In Australia, if you need the meds, you take the meds.  It’s not like they’re all full of addictive substances that will make you dependant on them forever because “Big Pharma creates consumers not cures”.  To all the anti-Big Pharma people out there, if you want to attack something spend your energy attacking stress, smoking, traffic accidents, alcohol and substance abuse – they are far more responsible (and proven to be so) for adversely affecting the lives of Australians.

So yeah, I love ‘Big Pharma’, If a doctor were to say to me ‘here Claire, take this pill, have this vaccination or have this procedure and everything will be cured’ I would totally do it, not turn around and say ‘oh but David Avocado Wolfe said pills are bad so i can’t take it’ or ‘oh but Thimerosal or autism and stuff from vaccines’.  Yes I take a LOT of medications each day, but they help my body function normally.  Yes I have tried being off them and it didn’t end well, I had more hospital admissions and more faints, my overall health went backwards and I still have not recovered back to my pre-medications cessation state.  Yes I have tried natural therapies and they haven’t worked for me – I understand and appreciate that some of them can be helpful for some people, particularly when used in conjunction with western medicine and supervised by a doctor, they just didn’t help me so I don’t use them.

So if you say the words ‘Big Pharma’ to me, don’t be surprised if I tune out, I have better things to do with my limited energy and far more interesting things to talk about 😉

And if you disagree with me that’s totally fine, it’s your choice, just don’t talk to me about it and don’t share anything with me from David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe…



  1. Hollie

    See, I read the title of your post and thought, “Hey, you know my friend Andrew!? How come we’ve never met in that circle!?” His social media handles are generally Big Pharma because he’s tall and he’s a pharmacist. So is his wife, pharmacist that is, not so much on the tall side (both whom are very close friends of ours). And his sister, but she’s now a doctor. Then there’s our old housemate who is also a pharmacist, plus another friend who was a pharmacist but is now a doctor, and another friend who is a pharmacist. That’s six pharmacists with two who became doctors all in one circle.
    And then there’s my hubby who works in Alzheimer’s research. They rely on Big Pharma for drug trials, whether it’s cash or drugs or both.

    Science, bitches.

    1. Claire and Cherry Pie (Post author)

      Woohoo, science for the win!!
      How funny – Big Pharma is an excellent handle for a tall pharmacist 😀

  2. Carly-Jay Metcalfe

    BOOM. I could not have said this better myself, Claire! Big Pharma saves my life – every single day XO

    1. Claire and Cherry Pie (Post author)

      Yay, go Big Pharma!

  3. Collette

    Yep, Big Pharma means I can function like a normal person. Instead of feeling like a 90 year old, I feel my proper 40ish years. Life was really shit for quite a while, until my doctor and I found a combination of drugs that worked for me. I don’t want to go back there. Having said that, I do dabble in the avocado chia pudding stuff, but that’s not to replace my meds, it’s just to try and be a bit healthier. So, with you all the way on this.


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