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Monthly Archive: July 2015

Wake up and smell the rainbow

Tina Turner asks us 'What's love got to do with it?' and the answer is, well, everything. The Beatles told us that all we needed was love, so clearly it is pretty important. A quick google search tells me that love is the most common song theme, out of all themes a person can possibly write a song about (and the possibilities are endless) love tops them all, there are literally millions of songs about love. But why is one love more acceptable, more equal than another?

Five ways to achieve fabulous Pinup Hair

For years I admired beautiful hairstyles that I never thought I could achieve. The soft waves and curls of Marilyn Monroe's blonde locks, Jane Russell's fabulous full sideswept look and Bettie Grable's height-enhancing poodle style were styles that I dearly loved but my absolute favourites were the perfect Victory rolls and inventive up-do's of the 1940s. They made me envious and a bit sad about my lack of skill as every time I tried to do something interesting my stubborn, heavy, thick and wavy hair would fall out of the style within an hour.