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Monthly Archive: June 2015

An open letter for understanding

Something we hear time and time again in the chronic illness community are stories of interactions with friends and relatives that go badly. Stories of broken friendships and family arguments because some people seem to be unable to understand and see the world through the eyes of another person in a situation that is so very different to their own. We know that it is impossible to comprehend exactly what living with chronic illness is unless you are living it but we appreciate the efforts of those who try more then we can say.

Beccie from Sew Retro Rose

June's fabulous interviewee is Beccie Leathley; vintage enthusiast, sewer and blogger over at Sew Retro Rose. Beccie blogs engagingly about making beautiful clothing from vintage patterns and has a loyal group of followers who eagerly participate in sew-alongs. They also love to check out (well for me it's more like drool over, don't know about you!) her latest projects which she posts updates about on her Facebook page.

When life gives you lemons…

We have a prolific lemon tree in the garden and at the moment it's branches are weighed down with an abundance of the golden yellow, deliciously fragrant orbs. It's not a large tree, as far as fruit trees go, but each year we are blessed with more lemons than we can use and give them away in bags to family, friends and neighbours. I think lemon trees love the sandy soil we have in this part of Melbourne as they seem to do quite well - but it also lives next to the compost bin which may help explain it's success.

How to make a felt mobile – part 2

I had a mobile as a child and I still remember it well - I have it packed away somewhere for possible future use. It didn't consist of brightly coloured animals and plants, oh no, it featured flying clowns. Disturbing flying clowns in beautiful, brightly coloured clown suits with cute little felt hats on wooden heads that occasionally popped off their pipe cleaner necks while they were spinning around. Because that's not creepy at all...

The magical medication organiser

A few weeks ago I gave in. It was getting ridiculous, so very ridiculous and I needed to do something about it. I was tired of doing it every morning when I work up and never having enough room for what I needed. I was also sick of fishing around in my handbag for strays when things went awry and not realising when my supplies were running low...