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Monthly Archive: May 2015

A very special hat

Today I made a hat; it was a very special hat. It was a reversible bucket hat, but that wasn’t what made it special. One side was made from citron green linen that was soft, light and breathable and came from Cleggs, my favourite fabric wonderland, but that wasn’t what made it special. The other side was made from a cheerful, multi-colour scallop shell print ordered from that phenomenal online fabric store, Spoonflower, and that points towards why it was special, but it wasn’t what made it special.

Shayna and her garden of plenty

I first met Shayna as her pinup persona, Miss Flirtatious Belle, when we were competing in the Miss Old Skool pinup competition at the 2013 Halls gap Rod Run. She took home the title! It wasn't her first title and she has gone on to win a couple every year, including her most recent one; Miss Cheesecake Bombshell in the Miss Bombshell Pinup Pageant earlier this month - congratulations again Miss Flirtatious Belle!

Tea for one

I ordered a teapot from T2 on Tuesday and it arrived today, two days later. It's a very special teapot and not just because it is so very pretty.

This week I finally logged in to the AHPRA website and clicked the little boxes to opt not to renew my nursing registration. It was time. I knew it was time, I had accepted it. Or at least I thought I had. As I stared at the first page, the page where it says 'renew registration' or 'opt not to renew' I had a bit of a freakout.