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Pinup Makeup 101 – False eyelashes

Eyelashes can be a real pain and tricky to get right, but they look fantastic when you do! While larger than life lashes are not essential to pulling off the Pinup look, they sure can help, but choosing the right lashes and trimming them for your eye type is important as the wrong ones can actually make your eyes look smaller. The right, properly trimmed lashes will look fabulous and are more likely to stay in place all day and not fall off or lift at the corners no matter the weather!

Broken toys

I started writing this post about a year ago after a particularly traumatic 'breakup' with some people who had been close friends, but I didn't finish it and sort of moved on, like I have in life. But the issue has been brought back up again with the release of the movie 'Me Before You' and the issues it touches on. The problem that I and many other have with this movie is that it reinforces the stereotypical views that society has of disabled people and disability - that we are to be pitied.

Pinup Makeup 101 – Winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner can be a tricky beast. Some people seem to be naturally blessed with a steady hand and expert eye from the beginning, whilst others find it more difficult. There are a lot of different tutorials out there and everyone has a different technique and different products they love - wouldn't it be great if some of the best tutorials were all in one place for easy viewing? Why yes it would, so here are some of my favourites just for you as the second installation of my Pinup Makeup 101 series.

Pinup Makeup 101 – Perfect pinup eyebrows

Pinups, aspiring Pinups and anyone else who is interested in finding new tips and techniques, welcome to Pinup Makeup 101! You may have noticed from my 5 ways to achieve fabulous Pinup Hair post that I have some favourite youtube channels when it comes to hair and makeup tips so over the course of a few posts I'm going to let the pros show you how it's done as I bring my favourite tutorials to you in one handy location so we can compare techniques and take away what works best for us.

Big Pharma is my friend

Wow you take a lot of meds! Why don't you stop taking your medication and see if it actually does anything? Why do you need to take so many? Do you know if they actually do anything? Have you tried natural alternatives? If your drugs have those side-effects why don't you stop taking them? Big Pharma doesn't create cures, they create consumers. To all the anti-Big Pharma people out there, if you want to attack something spend your energy attacking stress, smoking, traffic accidents, alcohol and substance abuse - they are far more responsible (and proven to be so) for adversely affecting the lives of Australians.